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Looking for an effective means of enriching the online learning experience for your learners?

Custom courses focus on client-specific learning, delivering the knowledge your learners need with branded look and sound of your organization.  Our team of development, graphic, and content experts will partner with you to develop custom courses, tailor and update existing online courses, and/or convert your existing in-house training to online training, no matter its current form.  And they’ll develop/tailor/convert courses on time and on or under budget!

Based upon your learning goals, FirstNet’s team of course experts design courses that do more than teach -- our courses are designed to engage learners. We incorporate entertaining and modern training interactions, such as drag & drop, hotspot, column matching, and more. And we use the most advanced authoring tools that include support for most multimedia formats, such as Adobe Flash, video, audio, and simulations.

Tailoring existing courses is a way to enhance the specificity and localization of the training content and overall experience. Whether it's branding every page with your logo and slogan, adding company-specific vehicles to our defensive driving course, featuring pictures or video of your employees, translating a course for your Mandarin Chinese employees, or incorporating your company's policies and procedures into the Training Center, our experts will ensure that your training is unique to your company and meaningful to your employees.

If your organization already has an in-house catalog of training, we can help you convert existing classroom training, video/dvd libraries, and even MS PowerPoint™ presentations to vibrant, interactive online courses complete with testing. Your converted content will be AICC/SCORM compliant.

FirstNet’s Curriculum and Course Development Team will

  • Design and develop new custom courses
  • Update and tailor existing courses to match your organization
  • Convert other training materials to online learning

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