This is Denver Restaurant Week where numerous dining establishments offer a fairly fabulous 3-course meal at a set price. The restaurant I dined at last night also offered ‘Small Bites” – literally a one-mouthful size portion you could purchase for a dollar or two, and that filled you with pleasure and left you wanting more.  It reminded me of our BOOST Trainings!

BOOST ButtonBOOST Trainings – or micro-learning -- boost knowledge by imparting focused information in a short time period of usually 4-6 minutes.  These short trainings have been proven to improve knowledge retention and address performance gaps. BOOST allows users to learn something new or refresh knowledge they already have but may have placed on a back burner in their brain. They fit today’s learners by being concise; yet by delivering multiple boosts over a period of time, the learner is actually receiving extensive training. 

Best yet, BOOSTS are delivered TO the learner via email at a pace you, the Administrator, determine.  The learner doesn’t need to login to an LMS; they simply open their email on any internet-connected device, take the training, answer a test question, and they’re done.  Their training activity is captured in the LMS and becomes a part of their training records.  It’s as easy as that.

Example:  Camp counselors are hired in the spring and trained prior to the kids ever showing up.  As the summer wears on, that training may be forgotten and the camp begins to see incidents and injuries increase.  BOOST is a great way to keep that original training top-of-mind and we’ve had a number of clients use BOOST in just this manner.

These ‘small bites’ of learning can be created for any topic using the content of our over 700+ online courses.  Many BOOST Trainings already exist in the areas of Law Enforcement, Defensive Driving and Health and Safety, and many are in development.

Small bites of learning are great – but our Instructional Designers will tell you that they should be used to supplement and reinforce more in-depth training - not replace it.

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