Lake-Effect Snow Storm. 7 Feet of Snow. 10 deaths. More Snow Forecasted. Roofs Collapsing.

The headlines today are bringing back memories. 

One day, home-bound during a blizzard that left 4+ feet of snow in Denver, with drifts 8-12’ high, we heard a CRACK inside our house.  We jumped up and looked out every window (that we could see out of), believing a tree had broken.  We didn’t see anything unusual.

About an hour later we heard a groaning sound, this time from the garage.  We threw open the door and quickly saw that the ‘crack’ sound had been huge crack in the major garage roof support beam, 2’ square and running the length of the garage.  We went outside, wading through very deep snow, and saw that the roof had 8-10’ of snow piled up, and it was still dumping.  We literally crawled out a second story window with snow shovels to start decreasing the load – hoping all the while that it didn’t cave in, and hoping we didn't fall or slide off! 

Shoveling that amount of snow took hours.  Luckily we were home – we changed clothing about 4 times during the hours it took to clear the snow, as we became soaked from both snow and sweat.  Changing clothes meant we were taking breaks - because even if you think you're in stellar physical condition, this is back-breaking, exhausting work.  Breaks are needed.

Working Outside in Extreme Temperatures.  A number of our clients are featuring this course this month, and it has turned out to be very timely.  The first artic surge last week brought sub-zero temps across many states (we had one day in Denver where our high was  only 3 and our low -14 – in mid-November?!?!); a second artic surge arrived this week, and a third is on its way.

1500 people die each year in the U.S. due to hypothermia.

If you have employees who work outdoors at any time of year, the knowledge gained from this course is valuable and quite possibly, lifesaving.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Stay warm, dry, prepared.


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