“In the popular sitcom Seinfeld a holiday-time episode focused on the “holiday” celebrated by George and his family, called Festivus.  Festivus was intended as an alternative for e More

Posted: Dec 5 2014

The headlines today are bringing back memories.  More

Posted: Nov 20 2014

It’s official— the holidays are here. Today, it’s “Happy Halloween.” Tomorrow, “Happy Thanksgiving.” Now is the time when we’re faced with a whole slew of holiday meals, obligations, travel plans, expenses – and certainly, no shortage of holiday-related stress. More

Posted: Oct 31 2014

I’ll fess up: I’ve never had to wear PPE for a job. More

Posted: Sep 25 2014

Don’t put your hands down the drain: you won’t like what you find there—I learned that valuable lesson from The Blob. More

Posted: Aug 27 2014