7 Workplace Resolutions for 2017 That You Can Keep

happy new year

Resolutions are easy to make – and break.  But, oh, the sense of accomplishment when we keep resolutions!   And the improvements we make when we keep resolutions are rewards in themselves.


According to statisticbrain.com, 38% of Americans never make a New Year’s Resolution.  But 45% do make them.  The #1 type of resolution?  Self improvement or education related resolutions, followed by weight-related resolutions, then money related, and then relationship related.

If you were to Google ‘New Year Resolutions’, 6.5 million results appear.  You’ll find ready-made lists with 29 Ideas, 100 Resolutions, 50 Resolutions, etc. to make this your best year ever!   Those big numbers can be overwhelming! 

If you’re a resolution maker, we’ve come up with 7 workplace resolutions for the New Year that employers and employees can make and get started on right now.  You’ve probably heard them before but perhaps not applied to your workplace.  They’re definitely worth hearing again and actually pretty easy to put into practice.  


1. Learn something new every day. Information is a click away – seek it out.

2. Encourage employees to continue learning, enhance skill sets, and refresh knowledge. We’re not just saying this because we’re an online training company. Employees want to grow and want to be engaged.

3. Provide employees with a defined career path.  Ever read Dr. Seuss’s book Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”?  It encourages readers to find the success that lies within.  You can help your employees by setting a path and then providing the tools and encouragement to help them follow that path.

4. Take a walk. Literally. Every Day. Throughout the day.  Move your body up and down stairs, down the hall, around the building, around the block, or around the neighborhood. You’ll have time to think, recharge your inner battery, and it’s good for you.

5. Listen More Than You Talk.  This may be the hardest resolution of all.  Try to remember the adage “One Mouth, Two Ears”. Listen to your employees, your friends, your family.  Often times they don’t want advice -- they just want to be listened to.

6. Make it a point to recognize others with a smile, a hello, a positive comment – every day. It’s amazing how we all respond to the warmth and friendliness of others. And it will make you feel good.

7. Stop all negativity. Complaining. Gossiping. Criticizing. Stagnating. Self Pity. It’s a waste of time. 

According to Statistic Brain, 46% of resolutions made are still being adhered to by mid-year.  We think that’s pretty awesome!  We’ve made these workplace resolutions and we’ll keep you posted on our successful, as well as our not-quite-so-successful, workplace resolutions.


As mentioned above, we’re an online training organization, so we offer literally hundreds of courses that could help people learn something new every day for the next 3+ years, making Resolution #1 easy to achieve.  But honestly, this blog isn’t about selling you anything.  It started with this writer thinking about making workplace resolutions that I could keep and that would be meaningful to me and to others.  It’s meant to be thought provoking and show how easy it is to make resolutions that are just simple changes that will improve your life at work (and at home), and those of your co-workers and employees.

Of course, if you’d like more information on FirstNet’s courses or learning management system, please do contact us or schedule a demo.  In the meantime, we wish you a happy, healthy, safe 2017.

“Sometimes we know the best thing to do, but fail to do it. New Year's resolutions are often like that. We make resolutions because we know it would be better for us to lose weight, or get fit, or spend more time with our children. The problem is that a resolution is generally easier to break than it is to keep.”  Pete Singer, Philosopher

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