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 No wonder we’re tired: Every day we make about 35,000 decisions. More

Posted: Mar 15 2018

This is Denver Restaurant Week where numerous dining establishments offer a fairly fabulous 3-course meal at a set price. The restaurant I dined at last night also offered ‘Small Bites” – literally a one-mouthful size portion you could purchase for a dollar or two, and that filled you with pleasure and left you wanting more.  It reminded me of our BOOST Trainings! More

Posted: Mar 1 2018

Can you prepare for disaster?  If it is a weather related disaster, then the majority of the time the answer is yes. Conditions are right for a weather event and warnings are issued, sometimes days in advance and sometimes minutes. TORNADO SEASON More

Posted: Mar 21 2017

We value our clients and the investments they make in their training programs. This is why we advocate marketing initiatives and the promotion of training opportunities that will help you reach your training goals. To further assist our clients, FirstNet Learning is rolling out an Engagement & Impact ToolkitTM for our clients who partner with us for online training. More