In these days of opportunity, we’re really proud that our team has chosen FirstNet as their daytime home – our core management team alone has a combined 44 years at FirstNet. We have talented, knowledgeable, intense, fun, passionate people at FirstNet. Learn more about us – and if you’re interested in opportunities at FirstNet, send us your resume.

Roy Burger

Roy first joined FirstNet in 2003 as a Director; in 2005 he took the reins as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Under Roy’s leadership, FirstNet has grown extensively, forging new strategic relationships and consistently providing quality service and innovative product offerings to a rapidly growing...

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Debi Garrity

General Manager, Director of Marketing, On-air Host, Reporter – all are titles that Debi has held during her career.  As Director of Marketing she brings to FirstNet a wealth of experience in B2B and B2C advertising, marketing, and promotions.

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Connie Beavers

Connie brought her amazing customer service skills to FirstNet in 2008.  As Manager of Client Services, she manages the client services team but she’s also hands on with every FirstNet client.  Connie’s extensive e-learning experience includes having developed new training courseware content in...

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Steve Grimes

As Chief Operating Officer since 2002, Steve leads all systems management activities for FirstNet.  He has over 20 years of experience in computer systems applications and software engineering including, database development and management, programming and software engineering, and web applications...

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Art Tedeschi

If you can dream it, Art can create it.  In 2005, Art joined FirstNet as Business Development/Marketing Manager.   As Director of Products & Services, Art designs and architects all of FirstNet's products.  Though his formal education focused on the hard sciences, Art's career in executive and...

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Julie Lavorini

Julie joined FirstNet in 2010 as Manager of Curriculum and Course Development.  With more than fourteen years of Instructional Design, Course Development and Management experience, she brings an amazing amount of knowledge and creativity to FirstNet.   She’s skilled in numerous technical...

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Jason Kniser

Jason comes to FirstNet Learning with over 10 years of educational publishing and multimedia production experience. He has produced work for Discovery Publications, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson Education and his work is often used in schools and libraries throughout the U.S.  Originally from St.

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